Take Responsibility

Have "an eye to the future”, start to prepare for your career path now.

When directives are given, you must respond in a timely manner. ADHERE TO DEADLINES. If you have questions, ask them as soon as possible in order to get a response before a deadline passes.

Sports Physicals can be done by your own doctor, the Monmouth County Board of Health, or the CVS Minute Clinic
Here are the links for each High School's forms: 
Colts Neck     Freehold     Freehold Township     Howell     Manalapan     Marlboro 

Make copies of EVERYTHING! Keep them in a safe and accessible place.

Magnet and County Programs in High School
Freehold Regional Learning Centers and Academies 
          (These are located within the regional High Schools and are open to all Freehold Regional students)

Monmouth County Specialized Schools 
​          (These are open to students throughout all of Monmouth County)

          (This is open to the students throughout the entire state of NJ)

Take the Initiative
CV-Explanation     Template for CV

Investigate community service opportunities for resumé building.

Investigate scholarships. These can be merit based, heritage based, or service based scholarships.
Maintain your 1st language skills. Be sure to investigate language placement tests. You can earn higher placement in language classes or earn college credit with good scores. 

Take advantage of Distance Learning opportunities.

High School Reminders
Make sure to get free/reduced lunch form.

Freshman and Sophomore year: 
          test prep: HSPA is free. 
          SAT and ACT have fees associated with them.
          All schools have clubs and transportation available.
          Online references on Mrs. Abelson's ESL Website are still available to you.

High School and Beyond

High School Orientations:
          CHECK ALL MAIL (e-mail and snail mail) for notices and forms.
          CHECK HIGH SCHOOL WEBSITES: Freehold Regional High School District.

Summer Reading     
          Links to assignments will be posted as they become available.

Maintain and update your resumé, CV, and portfolios as part of planning for college.

Continue to investigate scholarships. These can be merit based, heritage based, or service based scholarships.

Mrs. Abelson's ESL Website

Mrs. Abelson's ESL Website