This year we have a dilemma. We just received the following message from the farmer who has supplied us with our fertilized eggs in previous years.

"I can certainly have seven fertilized eggs for you next Wednesday. Sadly, I had an occurrence of Marek's Disease last autumn. First such experience for me in over 31 years of doing this.  I don't know whether you are familiar with MD or not. It does not affect humans or birds with the right gene-pool or healthy hatching results, but we should still talk about it."

We have some research to conduct so that we can make informed decisions regarding the best, most responsible, and most humane way to proceed.

Great "Egg-Spectations" 2017

Mrs. Abelson's ESL Website

Yosellyn C.

Mrs. Abelson asked us was why does the egg have to turn in the incubator? We said, "Because they need to have equal amount of heat and moisture". The questions were the things we need to figure out about the chickens we are going to get to hatch. The chickens breeds are the Mille Fleur d’Uccle bantams and the Silky bantams. Another thing that we learned was that the Mille Fleur d’Uccle bantams only gets it’s beautiful feathers after its first molt.

Carlos N.

Today is day six and egg number three is nothing. Number six, five, four, two, and the Silkie are the most advanced. The chicks leave the shells by the heat of the incubator or from the heat of their mother. The incubator turns every 45 minutes.

Jorge C.
We have all the eggs and we have a mystery egg. We are waiting when the eggs open to see what kind of egg is it. We are weighing the eggs and we are trying to not have problems with the eggs. That is why we measure them.

Anngel M.
In the beginning when we found we wanted to do something different by going to a different farm to pick up the eggs. Mrs. Abeson did this because she did not want to get the Marek's disease on her foot because it could’ve spread.

 Also, when we first got the eggs we had to find the weights for the eggs because we need to see if there is too much water in the eggs. If there is too much water in the the eggs the chicks can drown.

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