How do we feel about Julian?


I feel about Julian is that he was not happy because Auggie got a lot of attention because of the fight that Auggie and Jack got in. And that has been going all around the school. And then it was the graduation and Julian was not there. And I think he was not there because he is moving to another school because he does not like Beecher Prep. And I think Julian did not go to the graduation because Auggie was going to get all the attention because of that fight. And now that Julian is not popular anymore the fight is left over and the plague and the cheese touch.


I think that Julian thinks that he does not look like Auggie does not have that face like Auggie he can do whatever he wants. But if Julian was like Jack he will think about August like Jack thinks about Auggie.


So what I basically think about Julian is:

*He is really mean to others.

*He does not appreciate others, he does not respect!

*When we started the book I thought he was a girl!

But! Maybe it's not him...I mean, he is mean but maybe something happened to him and he started being mean. And everybody have a chance for a mistake! I think what sometimes in a life, people have to choose, decide, who they are. For example, you have to decide to go punch a girl, or say hi. And I think that Julian is not that bad. I mean maybe his mom was saying something to him. Or mom was trying to get her son like her. I mean when you grow up all your mistakes makes you. Maybe his mom made a huge mistake in her life. She changed. And she didn't understand that she made a mistake. She thinks that she is right. And as mom, she wants her son to be perfect, just like her, so she is telling him that. And maybe that changed Julian? Or maybe when he was little someone did the same thing? For example, in kindergarten little Julian wasn't popular like in Beecher Prep! Maybe someone was mean to him. And now when Julian is older, he wants to do the same thing. I mean, of all what (for example) somebody did to him, he found the way to show it, to do the same thing! I don't know why, but it sometimes makes people happy about it. It feels like you had some dirt inside of you, and you just pull this out to another person. Julian picked August. Because no one will protect him! Because he is "ugly"! But Auggie is stronger to "put the dirt in him" so Julian came to another school to try it there.

*I think what most important part in making troubles, you need to understand that you made it and fix it. Just like we do in learning, we erase the wrong answers and writing the right ones.

*We learn from our mistakes!

*And I think what Julian has to change his name, it sounds like a girl's name!


I think that Julian feels sad and upset about himself because he did a lot of bad things to Auggie especially that Auggie was a freak. I think that he feels sad about what he did to Auggie, because he didn't go to the graduation. I feel like Julian didn't go to the graduation because he didn't want to see Auggie or his friends, because I think he knows that no one was going to talk to him after what he did. Before they went to the graduation they went to camp with the school but when they were going on the bus Auggie knew that Julian was not going with them. I think that Julian didn't want to go in the same bus with Auggie but then when they got to the place where they are going to camp Auggie knew that Julian didn't go on any other bus.


I think that Julian has had a had time and he is maybe someone special left or passed away and that person was special to him and he can't get past it that's why he's mad.

I was shocked when we read the part that Julian is not coming back to Beecher Prep and I thought he was going to become Auggie's friend also like everyone else. But it turned the whole story because usually the bad become friends with each other but this just turned. But I think Julian did want to be Auggie's friend but he didn't want to get made fun of because he was the popular boy and he didn't want to get the plague then nobody would want to be his friend or talk to him.

I think Julian was also made fun of and bullied because most people that are mean are because they used to get bullied that's why Julian is so mean to Auggie and Jack. At first he called him freak and then the whole school turned aroud and saw that Auggie might look different but he still is an ordinary boy and he still has a warm heart. But Julian put everyone against Auggie to not talk to him or to be his friend.


Julian is a person that if you're mean to him that he will do something to you. I don't know Auggie can survive Julian. Julian is one of the popular kids in school. The kids in Julian's side are a lot. This was during the war so Jack was in it, too. But Jack only had one team member and his name is Auggie Pullman. Julian was a very bad person. At the end of the book "Wonder" there was no sign of Julian.


I think Julian feels ashamed for what he did to Auggie and he should feel that way. He hurt Auggiebut the real question is who hurt Julian? What did Auggie do to make Julian be Julian? I also feel Julian feels upset that all popularity is all gone from Beecher Prep and his friends or maybe mad that he changed schools and he'll probably blame it on Auggie though knowing he's probably never going to see him again and I hope he learns what he done to Auggie Pullman who was born with a facial deformity.


What I think about Julian is that he's really mean from other kids. He does not respect Auggie because Auggie's face. And he doesn't like Jack as a friend now because he hangs out with Auggie.


R.J. Palacio is the author of the book, “Wonder”. Investigate her website to learn more about her work and how she came to write this story. Think about times when you may have had similar experiences. Would you like to write a book of your own one day?

Watch the interview with R.J. Palacio posted to the left. We are very fortunate this year, the movie version of “Wonder” comes to theaters on November 17. We have been waiting for this!

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